Managing Partner

Job Description

Responsible to: Chair of Trustees
Responsible for: Partners, Finance Director, Head of Marketing, Finance Director
Salary Competitive


The Managing Partner is responsible for leading Global Action Plan ensuring that the charity delivers significant environmental impact and remains financially viable. This will be achieved by ensuring that; Global Action Plan has a clear and effective strategy, that the values of the organisation are coherent and strong, that employees feel motivated and able to deliver the strategy and that the financial model is resilient and fit for purpose.

The Managing Partner is responsible for ensuring Global Action Plan remains true to its core values this will include ensuring that the charity continues to innovate, to push at boundaries and to drive change.

Specific Roles

The Managing Partner has five specific roles:

1. Being a guardian of Global Action Plan’s values
The Managing Partner is responsible for ensuring that Global Action Plan remains true to its mission and values. This entails:

  • Ensuring there is clarity and alignment within the Board, Partners, employees and volunteers about Global Action Plan’s mission and values.
  • Ensuring that there is a clear strategy in place to deliver significant environmental impact.
  • Ensuring that the charity remains financially viable.
  • Ensuring that partners and employees have opportunities to shape and build on the strategy.
  • Ensuring that all activities align with the core mission and values.

2. Leading by example
The Managing Partner is responsible for personally demonstrating that the strategy and financial model being followed is resilient and strong. This will involve:

  • Annually securing significant core income that meets strategic objectives.
  • Building strong and meaningful relationships with key external stakeholders that strengthen the organisation and support the work of the Partners.
  • Demonstrating that Global Action Plan can deliver systemic long-term change through the projects being delivered.

3. Mentoring and support
The Managing Partner is responsible for ensuring that all Partners are given the support, guidance and encouragement that enables them to flourish in their roles and be effective in delivering environmental impact. This will entail:

  • Working with the partners to create a strong and mutually supportive team.
  • Developing partners by providing support, guidance and advice as required.
  • Providing new contacts and leads.
  • Ensuring that time and resource is available for personal development.
  • Being responsible for performance management by setting clear targets and expectations.
  • Leading the weekly Partner meetings

4. External Representation
The Managing Partner is responsible for ensuring that Global Action Plan’s reputation builds with key external stakeholders. This entails:

  • Working with the partners to create a marketing and communications strategy for Global Action Plan and ensuring that this is delivered effectively.
  • Meeting with key decision-makers including politicians, civil servants and business leaders.
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with funders and potential funders.
  • Representing Global Action Plan on award panels, at events, and in the media as required.
  • With the partners build a strong social media presence through writing blogs and via twitter.

5. Overseeing strong governance
The Managing Partner is responsible for ensuring that Global Action Plan operates to the highest levels of governance. This entails:

  • Ensuring with the partners that there are strong financial controls and reporting in place keeping the Board of Trustees fully and accurately informed.
  • Ensuring that policies and procedures are in place that meet legal requirements.
  • Ensuring that Global Action Plan demonstrates that as an organisation it delivers on its mission by operating to high environmental standards possible and is recognised as a considerate and supportive employer.
  • Participating in the Partner Review Group meeting and ensuring that recommendations from this Group are implemented.