Our Vision

Our vision is that each and every person is actively building a more sustainable society which thrives within the world’s environmental limits/

What we do

We create a sustainability snowball through gathering and sharing the experiences of the people that we equip to make practical environmental change on the ground.

How we do it

  • We inspire and help people to act
  • We capture the impact
  • We share lessons to create wider change

Our guiding principles

  • We are clear and open about what we do
  • We are collaborative and catalytic.
  • We know that people need to change their behaviour to achieve our vision
  • We invest in people as multipliers
  • We put valuable information and evidence into the hands of influencers
  • We are long-term and impact driven
  • We walk the talk
  • We are creating a model that is financially purposeful
  • We take calculated risks, monitor progress and learn.
  • We are non-judgemental and meet people where they are on the journey.

To keep our guiding principles at the forefront of our decision making we will:

  • Ensure guiding principles are visible at all partner meetings
  • Create a practical list of things that need to be improved to meet the guiding principles
  • Create a project score card that will ensure our activities meet the principles.
  • Allocate partners to specific principles with targets to ensure the principles are met.
  • Dedicate time in partner meetings to review the principles.
  • Build the principles into our recruitment and appraisal process.