Our strategy & objectives

  1. Create more sustainable organisations by equipping employees to make practical environmental change on the ground. We will concentrate on:
    • Creating a more sustainable NHS through employee engagement
    • Helping major retailers operate more sustainably
    • Promoting smarter travel choices
    • Responding to other organisations wishing to engage their employees
  2. Build a growing number of people who have the motivation and skills to create a more sustainable society. We will concentrate on:
  3. Help households respond and adapt to the impacts caused by a changing environment. We will:
  4. Shout about the impact behaviour change programmes can deliver in creating a more sustainable society and share our evidence to create more informed policy. We will:
    • Continually share the learnings from our activities via conferences, blogs, social media and events
    • Establish a new All Party Group on Behaviour change
    • Use the evidence we gather to influence policy on travel and energy